Crazy Thoughts!!

Sometimes the craziest thoughts creeps up into my head. I woke up very late yesterday, so I didn't go to church. I just saw myself thinking about my what my autobiography will look like. Sounds crazy, but I just couldn't help but imagine.

A couple of years ago, when I was in a really bad place in my life, I felt like all hope was lost and didn't feel like life was worth living. A friend of mine told me to write my obituary. As first it sounded really crazy but I went ahead and did it. No one but me ever got to read it, not even my friend I was to send it to. He told me to make sure while writing it, my age of death shouldn't be less than 62yrs, but I went ahead and increased it by 33yrs hehehehehe. Writing that obituary helped me back then. It ended up giving me hope. It's been 4 amazing years since I wrote that obituary, and the recovery plan, I may not be where I want to be, but I'm definitely not where I used to be,trust me when I say life has been beautiful since then. I have made mistakes, I've lost friends and loved ones, I've met all sorts of people good, bad and ugly, I've loved and lost but still life has been good. I have come to understand that you never give up no matter the situation. It only gets better.

Well here is the obituary I wrote 4yrs ago hehehe


With gratitude to God for a life well spent, we the families for .................... And Agu regret to announce the death of our dearly beloved wife,mother,sister,grand mother, Mrs Gloria............. Née Agu. Who slept in The Lord on the .................... At the age of 95.

She survived by



Grand children


Nephews and nieces


We love and miss you dearly mum



Mr........................ Son

For the family.


I hope my children get to see this someday and realize just how crazy I was back in the days heheheheheh at least I know they'll do a better job when the time comes. Lol. Anyway, if you're feeling lost and like all hope is lost, don't give up. Keep a positive attitude and above all be HAPPY! The big man up above is watching over you.


Stay blessed, stay beautiful

And have a lovely week.




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  1. Ure crazy !dnt like the obituary idea though instead write a u

  2. Good to know u made it out of a difficult place. Recovery is never easy but it's always worth it. An obituary.....very gutsy move, and interesting.