Hey guys, how are y'll doing? So I to this broadcast on BBM today, about an arguement between a mother and her daughter inlaw. And it goes something like this:

Mother : my son must obey me unless he didn't suck my breast for 1yr

Wife: well, he sucks mine now, has been sucking it for over 5yrs now and he's still sucking it..

Mother: I carried him for nine months.

Wife: he was only 3.5kg then,so what's the big deal? I carry him every night and he is 95kg now

Mother: He passed between my legs with pains.

Wife: hahahahahah,he only passed there once. He stays between my legs like everyday and I scream with pains each night....

Well this goes on and on. But seriously who owns the man? Wife or his mother? I'm asking because honestly I don't think I've come up with an answer.. Well this is where you'll come in. What are you opinions. Keep the comments coming in. Love you all. Have a faboulous weekend.




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  1. The wife oooo..previous owner waas momma o..