Hey guys, I've been MIA for a while now. I'm sorry about that ( in the voice of MTN customer service) lol. Really I'm sorry for been away for so long.

Well a lot has been going on, I just have to feel you all in on a little. A few of you who are on my BBM contacts and Facebook friends might have noticed my sudden hair change. Well I'm going natural and this time I'm sticking to my nappy hair lol. I've been transitioning for a while now, I plan on doing my BC (big chop) in July. Although I've been trimming of my permed ends gradually. Since I started transitioning, my edges has been growing out well, I'm so happy about my new look. I feel very African! And a very proud one too. I've vowed to stay of relaxers forever God help me. Thanks to my fellow natural sisters who keeps me inspired. This time no turning back, I'm in it for the long haul!

My very first protective style (kinky braids)


Loving my kinky..



Me rocking my straw curls... Natural hair rocks.

My target length for my hair for now is for it to get to my shoulder. It's not an easy journey oh, but I'll get there. Surulere. Oh and on a lighter note here is my Surulere picture hehehehehe




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  1. Yaaaaaay, that's my natural sister everyone! Loving the kinky braids on you dear, hopefully I may do box braids soon, fingers crossed.

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  3. loveeeee ur straw curls.. rily niceee

  4. lovelyyyyy natural hair rocks!