Am I Old Fashioned?

So for those of you who think I'm vain because I post pictures of me and my friends on my blog, news flash, I started blogging because I needed a place to just share my thoughts on things happening in my life.(A little vanity don't hurt nobody). Throw back (before my hair crack hehehe)


So, I went for drinks with a few friends,On our way we got talking about relationships and men (winks) as usual. Lately,It seems like guys don't bother about trying to make an impression on the first dates anymore. I'm the kind of girl that looks forward to the first date. I'm big on first impressions. I don't believe in having sex on the first date. Maybe I've read Steve Hervey's Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man one too many times. But yes I'm not sex on the first date kind of girl.

I met this guy a while back who thought we should cut the chase and just head straight to sex! Unfortunately for him I said no and for the fact I said no to him, he concluded I was a lesbian. So because I refuse to have sex on the first date I automatically become a lesbian? Whatever happened to movie dates and dinner dates? What happened to dating for 3months without sex? Did I fall off the band wagon of dating? Or has the dating scene completely changed while I was asleep? Now I hear cheesy pick up lines like you are the woman of my dreams, or you are the wife I've been looking for. The first time I saw you I knew you were the one for me, Seriously! Do people fall for that? Or really am I old fashioned?



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  1. You aren't old fashioned, more like principled. Stick to your guns babe, you've got nothing to lose.

  2. Heheheheheheh... d guy s a dunce!!! and nope, u aint old fashioned m'dear.. don't mind all d's desperadoes luking fr whom to devour...!

  3. men this days dnt wanna chase ....dey just wanna chop and clean mouth asking to be respected is the right thing jooo and no u aint old fashion...

  4. Old fashioned or not, it's good to present urself the way u want to be treated. U did well dear. I bet that guy wish u are a lesbian cos guys are funny these days, if u know what I mean.