The Great Gatsby Party

So my favorite months of the year are September and December, September because it's my birth month and December because it the birth month of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and there are lots of parties.

Yes my sweet September is here and I'm so excited. You know we Virgo people are so cool and we always have the best parties. So last weekend my friend invited me for her birthday party. The minute I saw the invite I knew I had to go for it cause it would be fun! It was a themed party! The Great Gatsby!


But then I needed a dress. So I remembered I had this dress my ex got me a while back. First thing I asked him when I saw the dress was did I by any chance tell you I wanted to be a contestant on Dancing with the stars? Well, finally the dress came in handy. The party was amazing. The venue was just perfect, cocktails on point.! Everyone was look smashing ! The guys turned up in fedora's and suspenders, the girls all dolled up in shinny dresses, pearls and well made up.

The beautiful celebrant and her boo



Trust me all dolled up as usual. I really had a fun time. A big thank you to Bimbo, you are such an amazing lady, you made sure I wasn't bored and I did have a time of my life's thanks to Priscilla my super fit friend and celebrant, thanks for the invite and congratulations on your engagement, please I'm waiting for my asoebi oh.





Celebrant and Bimbo killing it


We had so much fun. The dj killed it that night. My weekend was amazing! You all have a great week.





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  1. Looking all fly nd shinyyy! I missed!

  2. Looking all fly nd shinyyy! I missed!

    1. My dear Alice you missed sha. It was so much fun. But I paid the price on Sunday if you know what I mean heheheh

  3. Thanks babes. This is very nice. And thanks again for coming your presence definitely added more flavour to the party.. Kudos.. I shall be visiting here more often...

  4. Looks like it was a fantastic party. The ladies look fabulous but the guy looked like they didn't follow the dress code....fellas comon!!! Great blog GiGi makes me feel jealous I wasn't invited......*sad face*....lool