Am I old fashioned 2?

The dating scene now is so funny, I must not have gotten the new memo on the new craziness in town. I'm not a man hater oh, but I just can't stand assholes (excuse my french).

A friend of mine met some guy and went to visit him for the very first time and he tells her to go to his kitchen and cook for him. If he was that hungry why didn't he cook for himself or go out and get something to eat? I know of single men that have cooks but in this young man's case, he was waiting for his date/house help to come and cook for him. Seriously!

In my own case, I met a guy once at Spar when I went shopping, he walked up to me and told me he liked my skirt, of course that's like one of the lamest lines I've ever heard in my life. He likes my skirt, like he's ever going to wear one. Anyway he ended up paying for my stuff, yes, good gesture. And we exchanged numbers. So fast forward a few phone calls later. He calls me and the conversation goes like.


Guy: hey Gigi what's up?

Gigi: I'm good and you?

Guy: nothing much. So what are you doing tomorrow?

Gigi: after church I'll be home

Guy: ok good I'm thinking, I'll come by so we can have dinner

Gigi: dinner? Where?

Guy: you'll cook for me na!

Gigi: sorry oh I don't cook

Guy: what do you mean you don't cook? What do you eat?

Gigi: I'm on a permanent water diet. So I don't cook. I'm trying to lose weight.

But seriously, what happened to taking me out on a dinner date biko? What's with the cooking for them? Aren't we supposed to be dating properly before I know if I'll show my cooking skills or not? Abi am I old fashioned? Please do leave your honest comments on this issue, I'll really appreciate it.








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  1. Hahahahahaahahahahahaha.. na real water ddiet... lmao... honestly I wonder too.. I get thaat line too *you will cook for mena* am on a water diet, wld b my response henceforth.. lol

  2. Each to his own format but you would have cooked if he had presented it differently and if you really liked him and wanted to impress him? Abi? Talk true

    1. My darling CrunchyApple I wouldn't have, all the food I done cook since where e land me biko? Make he go find nanny. Or better still Ebano sells cooked meals he for go buy.

    2. cook ke ...if dats all i have to do to proove my womanhood den i no dey marry biko

    3. My dear sister Alice, see me see cooking na. Lmao