Gigi Signature is Official wow!

Hey guys, I'm so so sorry I've be MIA. I've been so busy, but it was for a good course. Early 2014 I quit my job. For fashion school. A few people thought I was crazy and very few believed in me. It's not like I had millions saved up somewhere before I made this decision, I just woke up and decided. A friend who I won't mention his name asked me not once not twice how I was going to cope without a job, he even tried hooking me up with one or 2 job interviews which I either didn't bother going for or the one I went for I will just sit through and give them very silly answers. It really hasn't been an easy road. There were days I'll wake up and not want to get out of bed. There were days I'll think of drinking sniper but after looking at my Brothers Sewing machine and thinking of all the lovely things I could make with it, I'll put away the sniper . I remember the joy I felt the day I wore my very first skirt I made. I actually sewed it with needle and thread! No sewing machine oh, I wore it with pride. Today I can proudly call myself a fashion designer. Sometime in 2010 , I told a friend of mine I'll love to go to fashion school, he laughed at me to my face and told me Oh Gloria please, you life is full of abandoned projects! Those words hunted me for a long time but news flash my dear friend KA! My life is full of accomplishments ! Gigi Signatures is here to stay and yes the sand will carry our crest. Our lookbook will be out very soon so guys be on the look out.You can follow us on Instagram @Gigisignature. And also like our page on facebook as well.

Rocking the skirt proudly hehehehehe


Love you guys.



Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.


  1. It takes courage to know when something wont work for "you" in the long run and letting it go, it doesnt make you a quitter. it also takes boldness to shut the naysayers outta ya head aand forge on to this point... Theres more to achieve you got this far... Cheers to you!!!

  2. i always told you you have it in you.... its all about determination ...weldone gurl

    1. Thanks darling. I really appreciate your love and support.

  3. I am very proud of u dear..d sky s ur starting point.. Beautiful pictures too

  4. Bold moves bring big success......ur success will be boundless......keep at it....u will be famous sooner than u think!!!

  5. Nice One dear , i believe you , stay bless

  6. Hi Ma I'm Tosin. I'm a tailor, should Incase you need one. Thanks