The Muse And The Makeup Artist.

So last week my sister and friend, celebrity makeup artist Doyin Ubani sends a BC that she's looking for a muse. I responded immediately. I'm sure she knew I'll respond,the BC was just a tease to know what I'll say.

Anyway to cut long story short, yesterday was the D day. I woke all bright and bubbly, set off to get my face beat up by my beautiful friend/sister and trust me, we killed the photo shoot! I felt like a beautiful bride, as a matter of fact we set social media on fire! Even the before picture was beautiful lol. Anyway,I specifically asked that the before picture has to be nice.Makeup artists have a way of making the before picture look horrible so people think they are magicians hehehehehe.

The outfits were lovely. Enough already, check out the pictures and let me know your thoughts.


Isn't she looking lovely? I know I'm vain, I can't help it. It's in my DNA lol




This is actually my favorite picture. I was smiling with my eyes lol.



This was actually taken with my phone. Vain girl Gloria.


The Muse and the makeup artist. Lol

See, the before picture wasn't so bad.

The photoshoot was amazing, too many beautiful pictures, I'm sure Doyin had a hard time picking out pictures.

Doyin Ubain, I had a great time. I'm coming back soon so get ready.


Makeup and gele by Chloe's makeover. She's got the Midas touch.

Ankara top by Gigi Signature







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  1. hey sure ure bored of hearing it look stunning... and Doyin is simply good at what she does ....

    1. Coming from you Alice darling, it's never boring. I love hearing those words hehehehehe. Vain me. Doyin is simply amazing at what she does.