Debunking The Myth Of Single Parenting

Earlier today, I had a conversation with a friend as regards single parenting. First I would like to state that I respect single mothers! I can't be one because I don't think I can handle it. As much as I want children, I would love to do it with a partner. Being a single mother is no walk in the park! I was raised by my mother (God rest her soul) so trust me I know.

 I have heard all sorts from children being raised by a single parent never amounts to anything good, to people raised by single parents are useless. Not everyone wakes up and decides to be a single parent. Some women lose their husbands and end up being single parents, some fall out of love or find out they aren't compatible and can't be together or some fathers just decide to runaway. At age 6 my dad left my mum(story for another day) so I had to be raised by my mum. At that tender age, I had a very close friend whose mum called me and told me to stop coming to her house to play with her children,she didn't want her children associated with me because I was from a "broken home". That hurt me so bad, the children had no idea what their mother said to me. I couldn't talk to anyone about it rather I withdrew from them. I learnt how to be my own bestfriend and somehow I was never friends with children who had both parents. Thinking about it now I was already an adult at age 6. 

Being raised by a single mother opened my eyes to a lot. I hate when I hear I didn't have a father figure in my life, so that's why my life is like this. Or because I was raised by a single mother so I should raise a child single handed! Or my life is messed up because I was raised by a single parent! That is total BS! I was raised by my mother and I turned out OK. I know a whole lot of people who were raised by single mothers and they are doing exceptionally well. I have heard of cases where a family refuses their son to marry a lady because she's from a broken home. WTF is that! Not all girls raised by single mothers are prostitutes! At least I speak for myself and all the other girls I know. Really life is about perspective! 
On a lighter note, today was day 12 of my challenge, I almost died! I still have 18days to go God help me.


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  1. Well for me it's better to raise your child in a peaceful loving home alone than been with your spouse and raising dysfunctional kids that would be a menace to the society

    1. Very true darling. I wish people would understand that and make the right choices