OfadaBoy Experience

So while I was taking a nap this afternoon, my friend Alice called me and asked that we try a new restaurant she found on Instagram called OfadaBoy, I'm not so crazy about OfadaBoy but, I jumped at it. At least we'll get to catch up, laugh and eat.it. First thing I did was check out their page on Instagram which was cool, then got ready and met up with Alice there.
Before I got there she had ordered for Palm wine(African wine gotten from Palm tree)😃. Let just say at some point we thought the palm win tapper was still on top of the palm tree in Ijebu because it took forever before we were served. 
It's indeed a very lovely place, the interiors is very Afrocentric, the waiters were dress in Ankara (African Prints) . The Palm wine was served in calabash. The food didn't take much time like the Palm wine, it was really tasty and pocket friendly. For everything Alice and I had the bill wasn't up to 5k. I'm certain if that place was on the Island it would have been very expensive. In all I had a great experience. Thanks Alice for Saturday night dinner at OfadaBoy. You are a darling 💋.
I'm still on my 30 days challenge. It gets harder everyday! I'm thinking of starting a 14days healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and fish. I'm still struggling with myself on when to start. When I do make up my mind I'll share my recipe with you all I hope I can follow through but, I on day 15 now I still have 15days to go. God help me. Enjoy your independence holiday everyone. I'll keep you informed on how I spend mine. Enjoy my OfadaBoy experience in pictures below.


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  1. Wow! Lovely place, I hope we get to visit together soon....and as for the challenge wait till I arrive lol we have to do that together 💪

    1. We will definitely visit when you come. As for the challenge please come quickly! I need ginger!

  2. Beautiful and well written .... I had fun too thanks for sparing your time ....xoxo

    1. We should do this often babe. Thanks for the invite.