Who is Gloria Agu?

So I woke up to a DM from a guy I know from way back. No he's not an ex. He's just someone I know. So he sends me a DM out of the blues! "Someone told me I can't handle you... That you are very mean. I'm surprised"
My response was " everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for sharing this information,I'll do a general survey on how people perceive me. Please be sure to follow my blog and kindly tell your informant too." Thank you.

Seriously though! Handle me! Is that even an appropriate adjective to describe a human being ? Am i a piece of furniture or item? Dogs have handlers, humans have companions. I don't need to be handled Mr man as a matter of fact I find it rather disturbing that you and your informant had to sit down and discuss who can and cannot be handled! And who is MEAN and who isn't. Not like your opinion really matters though, like I always say, "Opinions are like assholes and everyone has one! But not everyone thinks theirs STINK"
I know I'm very impatient,sarcastic and can switch to my bitch mood in less than a second, but MEAN, nah.. But then again, what do you all think? Who is Gloria Agu?
Please be honest in your comments, I really want to know, do I need a handler and am I a mean person?



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  1. Well the "friend" obviously doesn't know you Gee😊

  2. You should have switched to your bitch mode when answering the fellow. Yes, people have opinions but puhhlease people should learn when to drop said opinions

  3. You are my bish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Lol obviously he was seeking for attention.