My New Therapy

A lot has been going on for the past few weeks. Mood swings here and there, a little minor set backs but in all I thank God for life. 
A remember a few years ago everyone around me was either getting married or having kids. Now I think I'm at the age where we are losing our parents. Between September till date, 2 of my very close friends have lost their mothers and it has really brought back feelings I thought I'll never feel again. I lost my mum 15yrs ago. I'm still in awe how I managed to survive. I thought I would die! Even 15 years after I still hurt! Now I can talk about it without breaking down but It was a really hard time for me. No one knew how to tell me my mum had passed. It took them 2weeks to summon courage to tell me. 
The loss of a loved one can be very painful. I know how my friends feel presently. The questions that will never be answered. The pain never really goes away we just learn to live with it. I have learnt to manage mine. I have my good days and my very bad days. Time they say heals all wounds but the scar never goes away. That's life.

On a lighter note, I went for Sip n Dip  on Thursday. It's something I've been trying to get my friends to do with me since like forever and there has never been a right time so I went on my own. That was the best 4hours of me time ever! It's just painting and sipping! Lovely experience! Alice said its "oyibo therapy"😂😂. I never knew I could paint but at the end of the day I was so proud of myself. I'm no Picasso but I did good. Check out my pictures below. And there is another event ( Sip n Dip) coming up on sunday 28th October at South Eatery and Social House. I'm definitely going to be there. Painting is my new therapy. Follow @ptnafrica on Instagram or send them an email Who's coming with me on the 28th?


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  2. awww this is soo beautiful GLoria... May mommys soul continue to rest in peace .. please keep being strong for her and for us..