STEF Strong Ties Empowerment

Hello everyone, hope you all had a peaceful weekend despite the fact the elections was postponed till next week. Not to worry, 23rd is just around the corner.

So a friend of mine reached out to me about her NGO lunch, I was thrilled about , and I knew I had to be a part of this lovely initiative. STEF Strong Ties Empowerment. STEF was established to devise and implement programmes that boldly addresses social, career/ vocational and health (mental) issues that constrain women from leading successful lives as well as contributing as key actors in their various communities.
The sole objective of STEF is to assist women who have been deprived of opportunities to contribute positively to the society, women entrepreneurs who are struggling with failed businesses or not able to identity their niche, women who are disadvantaged economically after finding themselves as breadwinners in the family, left without jobs or ack the requisite experience and core skills for their desired job role to be considered fit for the market place.
STEF seeks,find, rehabilitates and integrate these women into the market place by building their capacity and providing them with all necessary support to find the courage to lead purposeful lives and be relevant to their communities.
STEF helps create layers of support and networking, comprising of top leading ladies and professionals to provide guidance, counselling and mentoring and also job placements for these women.

STEF is now accepting applications for 2019 Women Empowerment Programme
The objective is to enable women between the age of Twenty-Five(25) to Forty-Five (45) years old across Nigeria

Selected women will undergo:
3-5 Weeks Classroom Learning facilitated by proven resources persons from all works
2-4 Weeks of one on one mentoring/counselling sessions with business leaders from diverse industries
10-12 weeks internship with organizations to gain more insights on the requirements of the modern workplace and business.

Application Closing Date
16th March 2019

Interested candidates should send their applications or use the link below:


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