Thank you 2019

While clearing out today, I came across my old diaries! I can't believe I actually did somethings I wrote down. If not that I knew my writing I would have denied ever writing those words! Sweet lord I really can be a Bit#*. It did remind me of why I love writing. My first post on my blog was 16th January 2010 . I can't believe it's been that long. Looking back, a whole lot has happened. I've loved, lost, still loving (isn't that the right thing to do?) made new friends that have become family, lost some that I thought was family ( circle of life) but in all I'm grateful for where I am today. 
I remember about 4yrs ago,I  always wrote a thank you note at the end of every year but, for a few years, I stop for reasons best know to God alone. 
So here is my thank you note for 2019!
This has been an amazing year, I have learned a lot about myself that I never really knew was horrible 🙈(my bad character) I have come to understand that I my be able to control my mouth but my facial expressions always gives me away (I can't pretend). Let's just say I'm a WIP (work in progress)
Thank you to all my friends,family and enemies (not that I know them oh) for putting up with me and all my excesses. I promise to be a better human. 2020 is going to be way better. I don't know how you'll be spending New Year's Eve, but I'm definitely balling into the new year. I will TRY to post weekly (emphasis on the word TRY). I'm not about to make promises I can't keep. Remember I'm a WIP..



Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.


  1. we are gonna ballllll 2020 darl.. you are WIP and becoming more awesome. thank you for being a great girl all these years..