1 down,4 to Go

It's been a week since I cut off carbs and I can tell you it's not been a walk in the park... I'm yet to resume karate classes but at least I resumed my Thursday boot camp and heaven knows last Thursday was TOUGH! But it was worth it. I had a good time catching up with friends and I checked my weight I've lost 1kg so far...... I still have 4kgs to drop till I get to my desired weight God help me.

Oh before I forget! Who else is as happy as I am that harmattan has come and gone! As much as I'm still struggling with the cough but I'm so excited I don't have to layer my skin with loads of moisturizer and oil. I'm sorry I have to run, I really have to start sleeping early... Good night guys, I'll definitely keep you all posted on the weight loss...



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