Still No Carbs....

Hey guys, so I have managed to stay off carbs for over 2weeks! Yes! And I have been losing weight! As a matter of fact I'm beginning to feel lighter and I look smaller! I haven't being doing any serious exercises yet (shame on me) but I'm so proud of myself ! 
Last week I went to a friends house and the younger sister made this delicious Live chicken and Crocker fish stew! Chai I was so tempted to eat rice but I had to eat boiled plantain instead while everyone ate rice! 🙍🏽. I think I'm sort of getting used to not eating carbs. I'm don't feel headaches no more. But I miss drinking Sprite 🙈. I can't believe myself sometimes. Today Aunty Mercy and Q were both eating bread right in front of me I wasn't tempted! I don't know how long l will stay off carbs oh, but I'm loving it. I have become a vegetable eating girl😃 who would have thought? I want to try Oats for breakfast one of these days... I have never ever been an oats person but I've gotten a few recipes from Frauke I would love to try. God help me. I will let you all know how it goes with the Oats if I really could eat it or not...
Bye for now. Like Ellen would say " Be Kind To On Another "



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