The journey so far

So today is the 6th and no I haven't resumed my gym classes. This harmattan is dealing with me badly. My throat is messed up, I sound like a frog! I am honestly not feeling this weather at all. Well, I did exercise at home this morning and yes I've started my diet. I know cutting off carbs totally is not going to be easy, for the next couple of days I am going to be very cranky that I know so to whom this may concern, DO NOT get on my nerves. I can deal with the headaches but human wahala is a no no. I just thought to update y'all since this year i have said I'll try to be a better human. 
Speaking of being a better human, I actually decluttered my wardrobe, I must have grumbled all through while sneezing continuously but at least it looks beautiful, but for how long I don't know oh🙈.  I'm of to shower before the Advil PM Doyin gave to me kicks in. ( God bless you Dee. Perks of your bestie living 2minutes away from you)......
Good night my fellow humans....

Ps: I want this body back 


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