Hey earthlings 😊, how have you all been? Hope you all enjoyed your valentine weekend? Or were you heart broken😂? Well, I was on my bed with a glass of wine and Netflix. It was a good weekend, my dads birthday was on the 16th, thank God I remembered to wish him happy birthday. But in all it was a peaceful weekend like I expected. 
I'm still on my diet, but I cheated🙈 on the 11th. It was a friends birthday, and I did the cooking, there was no way I wasn't going to taste the fried rice and jollof rice, so yes I had rice. But I'm back on track, still exercising, a bit more intensive now. By Easter I have to be a size 12. Speaking of Easter, lent begins next week. Well for those that don't know what lent means.

Lent is a solemn religious observance in the Christian liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later on Holy Thursday, the memorial of the lords supper the Thursday of Holy Week before Easter Sunday.

Lenten season is a time to fast, pray, give alms to the needy and also abstinence. When people hear abstinence all they think about is sex, well for me it's not just about sex, it's more about seeking Gods face, getting to know God more. Building on my personal relationship with God. In a nutshell,For me it's more like a time for spiritual preparation  prior to Easter. Well, that's it, still on the weight loss journey, I can't wait to get to my desired weight. I'll probably do a semi nude photo shoot just to celebrate 🤔. Back to Philips boot camp tomorrow morning... God help me. Good night guys , in Ellen's voice, be kind to one another.....



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