#Covid19 Diaries

Hello guys, I'm sorry I've been a bit MIA. A lot has been going on. I feel like the world is coming to an end. Initially the world thought Corona virus was just China's problem, but fast forward a few months now the world is going through Corona crisis! What freaks me out the most is that Nigerians never take anything serious!
The government has closed churches, mosques and schools to avoid a gathering of so many people. Some offices have asked workers to work from home, yet some senseless individuals thinks it's a joke.
Imagine a pastor saying there is no such thing as Corona virus!
I personally think that our biggest problems as Africans is religion! Every corner you turn to.there is a church! The Pope that isolated himself is he not a Christian?? To make matters worse people keep sending stupid broadcasts on WhatsApp! I even had to block my dad on WhatsApp because of the broadcasts he keeps sending! This is not a joke!
I'm afraid Nigerians death rate would be worse than Italy. We don't even have well equipped hospitals, our health system is none existant in my own opinion. I'm freaking out! Watching the news gives me panic attacks! I went to the store to get a few essentials today and I almost screamed at the man behind me. It felt like he was about to run into my skin! Please my Nigerian brothers and sisters, use your brains! This is about to get really ugly.... please stay safe. Isolation, social distancing, quarantine yourself if need be! I want to live till a 100yrs with my children's, children I don't know about you all.... Remember to wash your hands and sit down at home!



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  1. God save us all, even educated Nigerians thinks is a joke. I taya for this country

  2. We shall be alright las las by Gods grace