#Covid19 diaries Part 2

Good morning my fellow prisoners 🤣.(we are all under house arrest)Eku quarantine (it think it means happy quarantine in yoruba, please ask your yoruba friends I'm not so sure) How have you all been holding up? Today is the official 5th day of Lagos state lockdown and my second week in isolation 😊. I can tell you it's not been easy. But in all I'm super excited to be alive and well.
What have you been up? Discovered any new talents ?(me sounding like a motivational speaker 🤣) I have been making the best out of the situation.
I did a Blue Jean's and white shirt challenge with Frauke 🤣🤣. I had Kazeem my security man take pictures of me (not without almost drowning the poor guy in hand sanitizer) well I can tell you for free, kazeem is a horrible photographer. (I can't post the pictures here but if you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you must have seen it .. a reminder that I need a new laptop asap😡)
Also, I jumped on the #dontrushchallenge with 18 beautiful queens from 4 different continents and over 20yrs of friendship! That's called sistershood! ( ladies I love you all, after this whole Corona madness we are meeting up in some exotic island sitting by the beach and sipping on margaritas..
On Tuesday I filmed a YouTube video with my bestie Doyin Ubani, THE NIGERIAN TAG https://youtu.be/lzSXk_8lkr4 that's the link to her channel. I hope that helps you take your mind of the present world crisis. You should watch it, it was so much fun😁.
I have been quite useful to myself too,I learned how to edit videos 😁. And Frauke and I did a #Covid19 short film(yet to be released 😁. We are bougie like that😍) I made my first nose mask... in ankara😊... and it was beautiful. Will be making at least 10 today after I finish cooking my sweet beans and sweet potatoes (yes I cook😁)
I am still on diet and exercise regularly, I can't come out of quarantine looking like I swallowed the Gigi you all used to know.... presently I weigh 75kg and I intend to go down to 70kg or stay at 75kg peacefully....
Still very mentally stable 🤣🤣🤣, my mirror hasn't spoken back to me so I'm good. (I sha hope the mirror never replies oh🤣)
Thank you to all my friends that always try's to check up on me daily, I love you so much. In these past few weeks I personally have learned to love myself very much. Being alone is not so bad as much as I might crave human contact once in a while (not in a sexual way, get your mind out of the gutter) I'm loving every minute of it.
Well I had a good time writing this post, I hope you enjoy reading it. , Subtle reminder, if you're having unprotected sex no abortion clinic is open oh🤣🤣🤣🤣 you go born this one🤣🤣🤣...
Until my next post, Be kind to one another, stay home, stay safe and Wash your hands



Fashion and fun loving. Loves pictures and not afraid to take on challenges.

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  1. LOL @ you go born this pikin!!
    Reading this was a good afternoon mid day break in between my work reports.
    Thanks for chronicling this period to share with your fans-hehehehe.