#Covid19 Diaries 3

It feels like ages since my last post, a lot has been going on. Not much socially but physically and mentally. I've been doing a lot of reading and soul searching.. Trying out new things and then I found tapping and meditation.(I totally recommend it)It has really helped me understand myself more. .... let's just say I've become more self-full and it's not a bad thing. I have been able to ask myself some very difficult questions that I've always shoved away. I'm finally finding peace in my mums passing (yes 17yrs still feels like yesterday)I know it's not going to be a walk in the park but I have to learn to live with all the beautiful memories we made, hold on to them tightly because that's all I've got. Now i understand that sometimes closure is necessary but if you can't get it you still have to forgive and move on. (Thank you Oluchi).

How have you all been holding up? Some countries are still on lockdown, some have eased their lockdown and some are having a second wave of the pandemic..
Lagos has eased its lockdown but some people are still scared (I know I am) but we have the daredevils that just don't give AF. Alot of people have lost loved ones God rest their souls)some are still in ICU battling for dear life (prayingfor their recovery) Some relationships broken,some stronger than ever and some realized they never had a relationship hmmmm (inside life).
Any way, what are your plans Post Covid19? I know I'm not letting anyone take the piss anymore . Thank you Doyin and Alice for opening my eyes. (I love you both). Going forward I can't make everyone happy, I'm not icecream.

On a lighter note, Ramadan Kareem all my Muslim brothers and sisters.. fyi I know its your small sallah but I will still be expecting chickenšŸ˜ (so use your mind).
Have a beautiful weekend y'all
Be kind to one another

Gigi Fareeda Agu

PS Fareeda is my Muslim name ❤


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