Post Covid19 Rants...

Why do people just conclude that once you are single you don't have a problem? Dose being single automatically exempt you from life issues?? Since the ease on the lockdown, business has been very slow almost none existent (Not like anyone has any event to attend so I don't blame them).  I've been putting together a new collection so at least my tailors and fabrics suppliers are getting paid while I'm not (at least for now) yet I still manage to pay my Bills.  So my tailor keep acting a fool (giving flimsy excuses every other day, shows up late sometimes doesn't even show up at all). Artisans are the worst to work with. I've learnt not to disturb myself over things I don't have control over.  Anyway, he shows up one day, enters the sewing studio and in the next 5mins he is sleeping? He slept for 5hrs! That day I wasn't even in the mood to disturb myself. When he finally woke up, he comes to tell me "Ma, I no dey feel my body that's why I sleep". And I asked him, so you knew you weren't feeling well and you decided to come here to sleep? (not knowing aunty Mercy had given me the gist behind the sleep, too much Action bitters). I just told him to go home and when he feels better he can come to work. Next thing he says he doesn't have money. I told him to trek. You only get paid when you work. The next day he resumes very early, in between he tells me his wife is almost due. I'm shocked because he has 2 kids already why have a 3rd when you can barely feed those 2! He said "Ah scan say this pikin na man!" I laugh and wish him goodluck.  Two days later, he says his wife is in labor. That they just called him so he has to close early. Since it was Friday, pay day, he gets paid. Next thing Aunty you no go dash me money?  I'm like for what?  My wife dey labour.. I asked him if I was the one that Impregnated his wife? Or am I owing him money? He said No. I said "Good night!".  I don't see or hear from him for a whole week and all of a sudden, he shows up.  His wife gave birth to a boy, to which I say Congratulations.  Next thing i hear us "aunty you no go dash me money"? And I ask what the dashingis for?  He says for his baby. That he spent all his money. I asked him how that is my business. It's his personal problem, he should deal with it, me I have my own problems.  Next thing he say is ah aunty my problem big pass your own, you no get problem!  So because I'm single and don't have a child makes me problem free!  How is his new baby and wife my new problem?  Don't I have my own problems?


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  1. Hope say you see the puking wey e wife born oh? Sorry no need self at least you no dash am money for action bitters 😂😂😂

  2. Hope say you see the puking wey e wife born oh? Sorry no need self at least you no dash am money for action bitters 😂😂😂